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A stainless steel bowl is awarded annually by the BUTLER EAGLE to the Butler Farm Show family that participates to the greatest extent and with the highest degree of success in the Butler Farm Show. Consideration is given to the quality, quantity and variety of exhibits and entries. Important criteria also include good sportsmanship, volunteerism and a high level of involvement by all members of the family in support of the Butler Farm Show. A family is defined as a group of individuals with personal investments in a single production unit promoting family agricultural traditions.

The Eagle Bowl will be engraved with the name of the family which, in the judgment of the Awards Committee and the Butler Farm Show Directors, excels on these criteria. The same family may not win the award two successive years.

BUTLER FARM SHOW Eagle Bowl Winners
1952 Walter Henricks Family, Butler
1953 Walter Henricks Family, Butler
1954 H. Francis Kennedy Family, Butler
1955 Claude Brown Family, Butler
1956 Walter Henricks Family, Butler
1957 Ralph Flemming Family, West Sunbury
1958 Dean Critchlow Family, Harrisville
1959 Clarence Henricks Family, Butler
1960 William P. Hutchison Family, Butler
1961 Paul Rosenberger Family, Portersville
1962 Clinton Rader Family, Connoquenessing
1963 George Marburger Family, Evans City
1964 Edward Bogacki Family, Harmony
1965 Joseph Logut Family, North Washington
1966 Howard Halstead Family, Saxonburg
1967 Wade Cooper Family, Slippery Rock
1968 Albert Hogg Family, Slippery Rock
1969 Harold Kramer Family, Fenelton
1970 William West Family, Slippery Rock
1971 Harold Kramer Family, Fenelton
1972 Paul C. Smith Family, Butler
1973 Joseph S. Zattiero Family, Mars
1974 Eugene Graham Family, Evans City
1975 James Kennedy Family, Butler
1976 Ralph T. Jones Family, Mars
1977 Clair Reed Family, Slippery Rock
1978 James Kennedy Family, Butler
1979 Robert L. Dunn Family, Chicora
1980 Harold Rader Family, Connoquenessing
1981 James Kennedy Family, Butler
1982 Robert L. Dunn Family, Chicora
1983 Lloyd Leslie Family, Connoquenessing
1984 Robert L. Dunn Family, Chicora
1985 Norman Graham Family, Evans City
1986 Curtis Wible Family, Butler
1987 Don L. Miller Family, Saxonburg
1988 Harold Rader Family, Connoquenessing
1989 George Dean Family, Chicora
1990 David Shook Family, Eau Claire
1991 Don Miller Family, Saxonburg
1992 Norman Graham Family, Connoquenessing
1993 Alvin Vogel Family, Evans City
1994 Gary Benninger Family, West Sunbury
1995 George Dean Family, Chicora
1996 Kenneth Brennan Family, Evans City
1997 Robert Kennedy Family, Valencia
1998 Charles Rassau Family, Sarver
1999 Grant McKinnis Family, Connoquenessing
2000 Harold Rader Family, Connoquenessing
2001 William Drake Family, Slippery Rock
2002 Gary Hogg Family, Slippery Rock
2003 David Cox Family, Evans City
2004 Jeff Kennedy Family, Butler
2005 Ken Metrick Family, Butler
2006 David Leslie Family, Connoquenessing
2007 Bill Foertsch Family, Butler
2008 Don Patton Family, Prospect
2009 Jim Govan Family, Valencia
2010 Jeff Frazier Family, Butler
2011 Ken Laughlin Family, Butler
2012 Jim Foertsch Family, Butler
2013 Paul Worst Family, Butler
2014 James Kerr Family, Harmony
2015 Steve & Lona (Rader) Peters Family, Connoquenessing
2016 William Drake Family, Slippery Rock
2017 Mike Sutej Family, Saxonburg
2018 Brian Miller Family, Saxonburg
2019 Bill & Gerri Goldscheitter Family, Sarver

Eagle Bowl Farm Family Entry Forms may be picked up in the Farm Show Office starting July 1 through Wednesday of show week. The application must be returned by 6:00 PM on THURSDAY of show week.